Piketi for Windows

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • What is Piketi?
    Piketi is a software which increases the number of visits to your websites by organic methods.
  • Which operation systems are compatible with Piketi?
    Piketi runs in all desktop and mobile computers having all versions of Windows and Apple Mac operating systems installed. Software development project continues to run Piketi in Linux based computers.
  • How can I register to Piketi?
    After installing and starting of P+ by using the link under download menu of our website, please fill the form under Register button. Providing name, e-mail address and password is required to complete your registration.
  • What kinds of websites can I add to Piketi? What is your policy about websites?
    The websites added by you first previewed by site editors. Any sites, YouTube videos or blogs covering pornographic materials, and having illegal and criminal content will be rejected to be included in Piketi system.

Piketi Programming Languages